About Us

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About WorldProof Products

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Established in 2021, WorldProof offers Innovative and Reliable solutions to the building and construction industry. Our Flagship product, Right-On FiberFlex® is the first of its kind: Pre-Engineered Polyurea manufactured and sold in rolls. No matter your next project- hospital floor, parking garage, commercial kitchen, or anything in between- our goal is to outfit you with a solution so durable, that some call it WorldProof.


Our Story

Believe it or not, Right-On FiberFlex® was born to meet a need in the roofing industry! Over time, the product evolved from Fiberglass focused to chemically engineered, but the goal was always the same: create a uniquely resilient product that lasted a long time. Not only did we get that, but we solved the installation process as well: hours instead of days, no VOC, and gentle on your  Installation team. Produced and Manufactured in the United States, our team is obsessed with our product and ensuring customer satisfaction every step of the way.

Projects We Have Worked On

We Are a Manufacturer of Pre-Engineered Hybrid Polyurea Sheet Flooring