Installation and Maintenance process for Right On FiberFlex® Flooring


Easy to Install – Right-On FiberFlex comes in 12’x25’ rolls, the installation process is the same as vinyl flooring and requires no special equipment needed to install.

Fast application – Pre-engineered rolls mean you return to service within 24 hours.

Save Money –   The cost of prep and clean-up is reduced due to pre-engineered rolls and you can return to service within 24 hours; plus Right-On FiberFlex® never needs to be repainted providing long-term savings on both labor and materials.

Easy To Clean And Maintain – Right-On FiberFlex® is strong and easy to clean without the need for custom cleaners or chemicals and can be cleaned with a wide range of standard and green cleaning materials designed for commercial kitchens, nursing homes, laboratories, healthcare, and medical facilities.

Low VOC’s – Right On FiberFlex® emits Low VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds) and conforms to CDPHv1.2 standard so it qualifies for LEED credits.


Premade rolls are portable and can be stored and installed as needed

20 Year Warranty